Things you can sell in Nigeria without losing.

Nigeria as we all know ventures into consumable goods and services. Producer goods hardly sell in Nigeria as they is little production company in Nigeria to purchase them.
If you are considering to sell something in Nigeria, here are  some products people venture into because of the high demand for it, some of which are legal and some are illegal.
This piece is a source of information and we do tell anybody to venture  into it, especially the illegal once.
1 Raw food stuff:

They is an adage in yoruba that says if hunger is out of poverty the remaining is little problem. Yes, that is true, food is the first thing to be considered in any once life and I don’t think this should be applicable to Nigeria alone but also to other  countries. With growing rate of Nigeria poverty people divert most of their resources to feeding alone neglecting other aspects. Guess what the market for raw food is not yet exhausted in Nigeria.

2 Restaurant and Eatery:

Like number one is still based on feeding but the only difference is that it is already cooked for eating. With the difficult and ash economy, majority of Nigerians are hustlers and most don’t really have time to cook or eat at home. Especially buss drivers or office workers. They prefer to eat at restaurants or order food to save their time.

3 WEED: This is highly illegal in Nigeria to smoke or trade, the fact cannot be denied that it is one of Nigeria most consumed goods. It is even common among the youths of today and influential people in the country.

5 Cloths: After feeding the next thing to consider of cause is clothing. But in Nigeria clothing is of different types. They is New original clothes which are very expensive and this can be sold in the elite or rich areas like Lekki,  Ibeju lekki, Abuja, VI etc., they is the fake new once which are common every were, they is also the bend down select, akube, okirika Which ever way you call it.
Cloth selling is a big deal that is why you have the big clothes market of super (katagura), Oshodi, idumota, Oluwole, Yaba etc.

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6 Cement: The real estate sector in Nigeria is growing fast rapidly especially around Abuja,  Portharcourt, Ogun state, Ibeju lekki and many more places. With most rich people investing in real estate. Apart from real estate an average Nigerian would love to build his own house even if it is a three bedroom bungalow. Cement has always been the major instruments in building a house or in construction of bridges or roads.

7 Alcoholic Drinks and Wine: Opening a bar has been one of the major trending business in Nigeria. That is why most alcoholic drinks companies do not make losses in Nigeria. Most religious virtues kicks against drinking especially in Christianity and Islam but we still find people finding their way to the bar. Most Nigerians spend significant proportion of their income buying alcoholic drinks.

8 Petrol: I would have mention petroleum output but that is not the case here. People don’t really demand for kerosene and diesel again like before. People fuel their car alot in Nigeria with a transport system heavily dependent on road network. Also people use generator as alternative to government supply of electrical energy and this generators are also fueled too.

9  Mobile devices, Laptops and it’s Accessories:
It is already known every were that Nigerians love gadgets. The advent of Chinese products popularly called Chinko has made it easier for Nigerians to buy these products at a cheaper and affordable price with the same function and less durability. People tend to buy gadgets and it’s accessories frequently in Nigeria.

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