Popular Video Vixen, Jennifer Oseh Covers The Latest Hints Magazine – Photos

Hints Magazine is back and with a bang on it again. It used to be the best of its kind then. Now the editors have already gone to do their homework and are back now, more colorful, more interesting and ready to excite endless, no doubt. It remains focused on Lifestyle, Romance and Gossip, three very salable platforms. On the cover of this edition is none other than the ex-queen of video vixens, her real “vixenette”, the only Jennifer Oseh aka @LadyVhodka. Not only was she the best, but now she is one of the meanest designers in town as we speak. Always in your face, with some outstanding looks and posture of bad taste and pose, showing his relentless and audacious style. That she is in hot demand, is like minimizing, that those who want to be different in style play always crave their experience.

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