Please what should micheal do.

Hi, my name is micheal. I graduated from economics department in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife in 2003. After my graduation i got a good job, i got married to my wife Esther and built a bungalow in which me and my wife stays. After many years I was promoted.
I became one of the senior executives at were i work so i was given the opportunity to interview new people for employment. The interview was one on one in my office, suddenly a beautiful young lady entered my office, it was her turn to be interviewed. I couldn’t take my eyes off this lady because of her beauty, she started seducing me and i told her she already  got the job.
Out of anxiety and joy she hugged me suddenly my wife came in. My wife was shocked and quarrel with me for sometime over the issue.
Since i have told the girl that she already got the job and i  know deeply that she is the best for the job and i still have affection for her. I don’t know what to do may be to still give the girl the job or not. Pls help me what should i do.

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