Man stabs new wife after she refused him s*x


A man who got married to an arranged wife so that he could get a green card to enable him become a citizen of the United States of America, Upali Pelige, has been arrested for stabbing the woman who wanted to help a man get the card by marrying him because she would not have sex with him as that was not part of the arrangement.

Reports in say that Pelige wanted to consummate the ‘marriage’ by having sex with the 27-year-old Danisha Rogers, at their apartment in Brooklyn, but when she refused, he brutally stabbed her and has been charged with attempted murder and assault.

The newly ‘married’ couple allegedly got into a disagreement after Pelige wanted to have sex, believing that she was his legal wife but she rejected his advances, claiming the marriage was just for the convenience of him getting a green card. Pelige reportedly flew into a rage and stabbed his ‘wife’ in several places including her face, neck, head and abdomen.

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The woman boyfriend, Chris Justin who had agreed to the sham marriage said that Rogers and Pelige ‘were not really married.’

“They were not really married, She only married him to help him get his green card.”

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