I want more than Intimacy from Him.. Blog Reader

Dear Readers…
We started out as friends and became closer with time as usual there was always a sexual tension between us. It turned into a friends-with-benefits situation. 
I eventually caught feelings for him. I built up the courage to tell him how I felt (tho I didn’t tell him directly I just hinted) but he didn’t know what to say to me and he told my friend that it’s not that he’s not interested but he’s not into relationships at the moment and that he doesn’t want a situation where we start dating and having issues which might mess up our friendship.situation where we start dating and having issues which might mess up our friendship.
What confuses me the most is we’re still doing the whole friends with benefits ish. I’ve tried to push the feelings away but it just won’t go and we’re always together. 
I even deactivated my snapchat just to give him space and all. I don’t even know if or not he is interested in me. I’m just so confused.
Wat can I do.

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