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The need to make and earn money as a Nigerian is indeed of high importance. Many Nigerians are entrepreneurs presently and even more are diverting into that independent realm that’s why we find out that most graduates of today don’t want to work for anybody but wants to be a boss of their own.

There are many companies ranging from Media companies, banking industries, and Telecommunications Company and Manufacturing companies. Starting up a company in Nigerian is as usual a challenging one and surely very tasking. Like I keep saying, starting small is the best bet. If for instance you are looking at building or starting up a beverage company, you have to be informed and abreast with those big companies who have made it big over time. For example, we can look at the Coca-Cola brand.

When they first started some decades ago, their pioneer product, Coca-Cola was only used as a drug. Time went by, the company grew and there was more demand for the product around the world. Today, Coca-Cola is a global brand with quality and they don’t even bother about competition because they have built trust over the years in their customers.

Still on the Coca-Cola brand, they have varieties which include; Fanta and Sprite. Those close substitutes to coke are doing very well in the commercial market too. Do you need to start up a company that will thrive like that of Coca-Cola now? Do you need insights, steps and guides as to how to go about it? Then get prepared as we take you by the hand.

1. Location: Having a very good location which will serve as the headquarters for your startup company is key. There are certain things to consider when getting a great location. The location in mind must be a commercial area, the area in mind must not be close to a refuse dump, the site to be used for your company must be in an area with steady electricity, getting raw materials for the company shouldn’t be an issue because the company shouldn’t be far from the market. Considering the above stated, you are ready to choose a location for your startup company.

2. Product in demand: Today in Nigeria, what actually makes the market boom is what’s in vogue. Optionally, if one is able to brain storm about the problems of Nigerians, capitalize on it and give a solution to it then money will be made and other things will fall in place. On selling services or products to the general public, you must put into consideration the average Nigerian. Say for instance, you are to produce a heart cloning machine; you can produce a machine to clone just one for the ordinary man and the machine which can clone two hearts for the wealthy. While doing that, some companies or individuals may ask for exclusives. This is good business for you and this is more money as well.

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3. Company name: Oh c’mon! You didn’t think your company would be called ‘nameless’ or ‘Unknown’ did you? You have to get a company name registered if you want people recognize your brand. Choosing a company name isn’t really hard. Just sit, brainstorm a bit and voila! The brand name comes. Please note there are reasons why your brand name is your brand name. Things like color, texture and size come into light when choosing a company name. So, when choosing, do so wisely.

4. Getting the right employees: Starting a company when its small might not need so much workforce since it’s a sole entity but as soon as the company begins to expand, more hands would have to be involved. Slowly but surely, when more manpower are introduced into the system of that company, then growth will be achieved.

5. Publicity: When you start up your company, you will need to let people to know why they should get involved with it or why your product should be used. You have to create awareness and possibly free samples. Also still speaking on publicity, if you cannot go big time into publicity, you can start with your facebook account online. Yes. Sure you can start from there depending on the amount of facebook friends you gave. You can also move to other social platforms such as since this is the age of social media. Share posts about your unique product on twitter, Google plus and other available ones. Hopefully, your product mind trend on twitter the first day it goes online.

6. Be determined: growing a company in Nigeria comes with its own disappointments and successes. So as a potential company owner, you must be ready to face all that will come your way. Your product will be criticized but it doesn’t mean you should chicken out. Many will desert you because of your goals but you must remain focused. You can never tell when you will have your big break. Be consistent and don’t give up. Things will take shape.

Have a nice day.

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