How To Beat Cold This Season

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Amid the wet/stormy season, it’s best to remember these couple of things to keep icy and any type of disease under control… 

It’s anything but difficult to come down with a bug amid the blustery/wet season and before you know it a conduit of hack, disease and fever opens!

With each sneeze, there’s a possibility of transferring germs from one person to the other especially within the same area but if looking to stay healthy and keep cold at bay, these easy ways are ones to practice to make sure health stays top.
1. Eat healthy foods
During this season, ensure to load up on balanced meals, fruits, veggies etc to keep the body running well which in turn help boost the immune system. Eat more greens/natural foods to keep the body in top shape.
2. Drink more water
Water gives the moisture/fluid needed for the body’s digestive system to function well. It also helps rid the body of toxins and aids the digestive system. It also helps to keep the body’s PH.
3. Wear appropriate clothing
During the rainy season or when it’s wet, its best to dress for warmth, throwing over a kimono or a tailored jacket over a dress or shirt for instance would keep cold at bay. Same goes for when sitting in a very cold room, layering with warm clothing would be a great idea.
4. Wash hands
Wash your hands often during the cause of the day. At intervals, before eating, after using the bathroom and so on. Make sure your hands stay as clean as possible.

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