How he was harassed by Soldiers And Police for helping accident victims


Saw this post on face book on how a man was harassed by Soldiers And Police for helping accident victims

If you’ve ever travelled between Abuja to Lagos, this won’t surprise you!
(Some Nigerian soldiers, Police and “The Man-in-Orange” in these photos who claimed to be a uniformed man in mufti will be the subject of this poor narrative).

Between Lokoja and Okene, we witnessed a fresh auto accident and immediately disembarked to help accident victims. However, what happened to us next was the most despicable act of callousness by Nigerian security agents.

So, after we assisted the victims by arranging for their evacuation in a pick-up van driven by Road Safety officials, we left the scene after giving physical and little financial support to some of the victims. Unknown to us, the man in orange T-shirt had secretly gathered and met with the policemen and soldiers on the scene, as we meant to leave the scene they pounced on us.

We suspected that they were uncomfortable with our documented recordings of the properties of the victims left behind or the mere fact that most of them except the FRSC officials stood by and refused to assist the victims, well, in the the most bizarre manner these armed officials ordered us to delete all the footage we might have taken of the accident scene (these include photos and videos).

Surprised, we asked why they singled us out considering that the fat man in orange T-shirt and some accident victims recorded the scene as well. What followed is better imagined. The soldiers threatened to eliminate us if we refuse to delete out footage. Meanwhile, all of them (soldiers and policemen) except the road safety corps refused to take the accident victims to the hospital. The police requested we buy them petrol, the soldiers said they couldn’t help because they can’t tell if the victims are terrorists. The rest of the story will be told in due course!

See photos he shared below…

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