Domestic Violence And Its Impact On The Society

Domestic Violence And Its Impact On The Society


The basis of every society is the family. As the primary or first agent of socialization upon which the foundation for a good society is laid. That is why it is often said that “Charity begins at home”. The family plays a crucial role in building a healthy and responsible society. It is therefore, not out of place to say that any threat to the family is a threat to the society.

Recent happenings in the society in the form of domestic violence should be considered a threat to the society which requires urgent attention and action from all concerned stakeholders.

The marriage institution is unarguably under serious pressure as unimaginable things are now happening which before now was not imagined not to talk of seeing it happen. The case of a pregnant lady that was beaten to death by her husband when She discovered he was having an affair with the house help and had to take her back to the village. Another was an open threat a man gave his wife in public for reminding him that the books bought for the kids won’t be enough, the man responded by saying “I will slap you, don’t forget how I handle you at home”. Stories abound of women who dread their husbands like plague, they dare not talk or ask questions when he is talking. In Lagos, I know of a man who constantly beats his wife and inflicts bodily injury on her and go the extent of emptying the pot of food in the gutter, leaving the kids hungry.

Perhaps, an acts I even term disgusting was the case of a man dragging his wife to the toilet and threatening to flush her head claiming that she brought him bad luck and another where the man had to pour the food on his wife’s face for no reason and making her sleep on the corridor close to the toilet while he slept on the bed. Barbaric acts indeed.

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With all these happenings, one can say that the home is no longer safe and peaceful for the children as their parents now engage in deadly and bitter quarrels and fighting that in most cases has an adverse effect on the children’s upbringing and psyche.

Experts have described domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behavior by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage or dating. It’s is not limited to physical abuse, it can also mean harassment, kidnapping, trespassing and trying to forcefully gain or maintain power and control over one’s partner.

Though, It’s is not limited to Nigeria. According to a study, the percentage of women who have been physically abused varies from between 10 to 69 percent depending on the country.

The effects of domestic violence are being felt by the couple, children and society at large. The effects on the children are more devastating. They include fear, anxiety, withdrawal from their peers, negative impact on their studies, depression, shame, anger, feeling of being unsafe and it sometimes affect their opinion about marriage as they dread the institution of marriage for fear of what they already see in their homes.

The Government, no doubt has put institutions in check to help check these menace, however efforts should be stepped up to dispense justice, strengthen the institutions, guarantee the safety and confidentiality of those who report such cases as it will encourage others to report such when it occurs.

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