Do You Know Warm Water Can Help Your Weight Loss?

warm water

According to Ayurveda and age-old healing treatments it is recommended that one should consume warm water first thing in the morning. Some Ayurveda remedies also suggest that adding lime and honey to warm water helps improve digestion and promotes healthy skin. So, check out how warm water helps improve overall health and induces weight loss.

Weight loss and warm/hot water: Drinking warm water before breakfast furthers our chances of consuming few calories per day. But a study proves that it is only effective for those above the age of 35 years. Drinking warm water in the morning also curbs cravings, hydrates your body and leaves your stomach faster compared to cold water.

Induces metabolism: The reason why it is essential to have warm or hot water is because our body has to acclimatise it to our body temperature, thereby increasing metabolism and inducing weight loss. Hence, it is recommended to consume warm water throughout the day to burn calories, helping us lose weight. Warm water before a meal also helps us consume lesser food and keeps us satiated.

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No artificial flavours: But weight loss is only possible if we have regular water without additional and artificial flavours. Sodas, lattes and tea will keep you hydrated but they will make you gain weight. If having regular water is boring, add a slice of lemon or squeeze a few drops of lime in the water. Other natural flavours you can add are lemongrass, ginger, fruits, mint leaves or pudina, or even cucumber slices. You can also try herbal tea without sugar to lose weight and keep you hydrated.

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