Boyfriend Got His Lips Bitten While Trying to Defend His Girlfriend

A young Nigerian man has gotten his lips bitten off while defending his girlfriend from an abuser.

The man Segun Rick Mill said he got his lips bitten off by a tout known as Abayomi a.k.a Street, whom has been disturbing his woman.

According Segun, Abayomi always called his woman all sorts of unprintable names and on that day, he decided to put an end to the insult. While trying to defend her, Abayomi attacked him, bit off his lips and ran away

This is what this guy did to me … Am trying to defend my girl …. And walk up to me and bite my lips…. He ran immediately….. I reported him to the police …. He took a drug called Reffnol that night ….. I have witness and evidence….

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This is what a guy named Abayomi popular known as street…. Am trying to defend my girl friend that he keeps calling name …. He was on a drug called reffnol…. please if you see him handle him or report him to the nearest police station …. His name is Called street plz help reshare….

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