Everyone has a definition of style, every country has an outfitting look that they expect, for example here in Nigeria our look comprise of the Ankara fabric.
The Ankara fabric has become a form of pin pointing Nigerians, it has become how we are recognized by the world. As young millennials we grew up with the idea that the Ankara fabric was ours, however there were certain forms of restrictions placed on the fabric.
At first it was a bit tricky but finally fashion designers, illustrators etc were able to convince the general young and old population that although they thought styling the Ankara was meant for occasions only, it could be used as a casual and corporate piece too.
Thankfully, the fashionable at heart were able to see the versatility of the fabric and they resonated with it.
Thanks to the creative and artistic vision of fashion designers, we have been privileged to styles like the “Ankara bomber jacket”.

A Bomber jackets is a unisex short jacket that is gathered ate the cuffs and waist by elasticated bands, it almost always has a zip front. Before now this jackets were sewn with rayon and polyester fabric however, thanks to skillful designers we now have the privileged of rocking a fantastic bomber jacket made from Ankara.
What can you pair an Ankara bomber jacket with?
There’s no need to treat the Ankara bomber jacket with difference, you can rock it with anything you choose, don’t believe me well then its a good thing I’ve created a look book just for you, scroll down to check it out below:









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