7 Things You Must Know About Tetracycline






TETRACYCLINE popularly called “red and yellow capsule” in places like Nigeria is an antibiotic and one of the medications that have been seriously abused.

It’s a first choice for many people in treating diarrhea; and a lot of them do not use the right dosage. Many people are guilty of this.

Here are very important facts you must know before you use another dose of tetracycline.

1. Don’t use less than the required dose. Some people use only 2 or 4 capsules and they stop. This will cause resistance, and it may not work for you when you use it another time.

2. Tetracycline is not to be taken by children less than eight years. The drug may cause permanent discolouring of your teeth.

3. Pregnant women (or those planning to get pregnant soon) or nursing (chest feeding) mothers should not us tetracycline.

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4. Tetracycline should not be taken with milk, yoghurt or other dairy products.

5. Tetracycline should NOT be used at the same time with oral contraceptives. This is because taking the drug at the same time with some oral contraceptives may cause the contraceptive not to work.

6. Tetracycline might produce some side effects such as diarrhoea, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, infections of the v**ina, etc as adverse effects.

7. Always consult your doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals before using tetracycline or any other antibiotic.

– Source: nobledoctors.com

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