3 Ways To Be Happy On The Inside


Given only a reflection of a small light is enough to make your spirit soar like the great eagle. At this peak, no one can really bring you down because this level of height that you have attained is certainly one to forever embrace. When sadness steps into someone’s life, its as if two huge slices of bread are closing in really fast on you. I promise you, it is not some funny situation because regardless of the delicious dough about to cluster you in, you are also in for suffocation.

Obalende and Ikoyi couldn’t be any farther apart. Speaking of posh locations, i met an old childhood friend only who complained about seeking happiness from the inside. You just have to be at peace with yourself was my first response. You cannot be happy when your seem to be troubled. You cannot be happy when you just wanna see ‘Lagbaja’ actually do the ‘Konkobelow’. You have to wish people well even if they don’t.

When you are happy for the fact that someone is hurting or someone feels pain, then i would only describe you with one word – Evil. When someone is evil, then they are equally stone hearted. When you are stone hearted, then you cannot be happy. You have to learn to forgive, learn to let go.

Personally speaking, i had difficulties letting go in the past. It wasn’t about how an ‘Agbero’ gave me a resounding slap that obviously reset my mood oo and i didn’t wanna let go of his shirt like a very angry woman. I mean, letting go if someone says he/she doesn’t want you. Like i was saying, i had that experience and letting go looked like throwing myself into a hole and pouring a heap load of sand on myself if you know what i mean. But guess what… Time past, i got healed, i let go. Time heals every wound and not that wound you got from kpontusin iya silifa pikin.

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Its obvious you only played a role in their life and that role had to come to an end. Its painful but you just have to move on.
Moving on swiftly, you wanna be happy?

1. Feel good about yourself: Believe whatever you do is the best at that point in time. When you walk, keep your head up. Say hi to your enemy and make them tap from that resonance of happiness. Its definitely gonna get them thinking.

2. Never take too much Into your heart: This is a bit tricky but actually very straight forward. Biology 101, the heart is a very important/vital organ of the body. It gives out blood and takes in blood but one of the things the heart does is take pain, guilt, shame, agony. As a human being we have our days but we should also try as much as possible to relieve the heart of stress.

3. Make a move: Not just any move jare. You know that kinda move you make when something or someone is just trying to bring you down like an old box occupying space? You simply shake it off! Turn up the music loud, sing to yourself and dance away your sorrow.

Be Happy.

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